Guiding Principles

As we create a movement to restore the sacred bond, we are grounded by our sacred teachings and laws, which guide us in everything we do.


The Seven Teachings

Our Guiding Principles

Wiijii’idiwag Ikwewag – the program provider for the Restoring the Sacred Bond Initiative – is committed to personal healing and wellness to foster nurturing and empowering relationships that will create a strong foundation to support communities.

The work of the organization for this initiative is guided by the 7 Sacred Birth Teachings1: Love, Respect, Courage, Humility, Honesty, Wisdom, and Truth.

1 Adapted from the 7 Sacred Birth Teachings developed by Nathalie Pambrun, Metis Midwife and originally captured by Elder Dave Courchene, Sagkeeng First Nation

  • Love | 7 TeachingsLove

    Love is the gift from the Eagle. You give love to support the most sacred time of Life Givers (pregnancy), the sacred journey from the spiritual realm to the physical realm (birthing) and the rites of passage of nurturing new life (parenthood). The love you have for Life Givers and their babies and families is ever present as you guide them on their path. This love is centering and uniting to families as they define their bonds between mother and baby, the family and the community.

  • Respect | 7 TeachingsRespect

    Respect is the gift from the Buffalo. To show respect to life, you give of yourself. You honour the gifts bestowed upon you and you give to others who seek them. You show respect and role model it for others. As a birth helper, you provide respectful care and protection to Life Givers, you protect the family circle with baby at the centre.

  • Courage | 7 Teachings Courage

    The Bear carries courage. Helps us to listen to our heart and spirit even when our mind is telling us something different. The bear teaches us courage by fasting every winter for the Mother Earth and represents the ultimate faith in our natural laws which allows us to be courageous. In this same way, you will embrace courage to speak up for Life Givers’ humanity, feelings, choices and preferences; giving honour to the natural laws/ways surrounding Life Givers.

  • Honesty | 7 Teachings Honesty

    Honesty is carried by the Sabe (Sasquatch). Honesty can be empowering for individuals and the people they support. Honesty is effortless when you speak from your heart and allow yourself to be guided by spirit. Through cultural ways and approaches, you will become grounded in honesty and learn to share the truth in a way that helps you and other grow, heal, learn, and teach.

  • Wisdom | 7 Teachings Wisdom

    The Beaver carries wisdom. Wisdom is to know that each of us has a gift, a unique gift. That gift is to be used to serve life, to serve humanity. Each of you has been drawn to this birth work for a reason, know your gift, live it and find the joy in serving others.

  • Humility | 7 Teachings Humility

    The Wolf carries humility. No one is greater than another human being in this life; no one is lesser than another human being. You will learn from every person you care for, be open, understand their walk, see their perspective and you will understand their truth.

  • Truth | 7 Teachings Truth

    The law and the teaching that the Grandmother Turtle carries is the teaching of truth. According to our understanding, the meaning and the essence of truth are all of the laws: truth is love, truth is respect, truth is courage, truth is wisdom, truth is humility and truth is honesty--- the essence of truth is found in all these teachings.

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