About The Southern Network

In partnership with our member Agencies, the Southern First Nations Network of Care (Southern Network) is responsible for the management of child and family services to First Nations children and families throughout Manitoba.

Southern Network

About the Southern Network

The Southern Network receives its mandate from the First Nations in Southern Manitoba and through The Child and Family Services Authorities Act (CFSAA).

The Southern Network along with the other three CFS Authorities are responsible for the establishment and management of a province-wide service delivery system.

This includes ensuring that services are delivered to Southern First Nation Citizens throughout the province, as well as people who choose the Southern Network.

  • The Restoring the Sacred Bond Initiative is fully aligned with the vision of the Southern Network – which is to ensure First Nations children, families, and communities will be healthy, strong, empowered and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.
    - Southern Network Board of Directors

Tara Petti, CEO

Mrs. Tara Petti is the CEO for the Southern First Nations Network of Care, a child and family services authority that mandates 10 First Nation Agencies in Southern Manitoba. Tara has been with the Southern Network for 10 years. Prior to being with the network she worked at 2 First Nation Agencies.

Throughout her career, Tara has also worked towards building her education around her practice, receiving a Bachelors of Social Work and Masters of Social Work while working in the field. Her philosophy is to bring forth and realize a brighter future for First Nations children and families through First Nation led practices and change.

Tara is a member of the Peguis First Nation and resides in the city of Winnipeg with her husband and 4 children.

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Tara Petti, CEO Southern Network

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