Success Indicators

Inherent in the mandate for the Restoring the Sacred Bond Initiative are measurable performance and success indicators.

  • Through a strategic evaluation process developed in collaboration with Health In Common, program development and evaluation consultants, the success of the Initiative will be demonstrated through measurable outcomes.
    - Theresa Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, Southern First Nations Network of Care

Key Indicators

The success of the Restoring the Sacred Bond Initiative will be measured based on the indicators related to the experiences of the mother, child and family members.

1. Infant experiences fewer days in CFS care in their first year of life (compared to historical data of mothers and infants prior to the launch of initiative and similar characteristics).

2. Mother and child experience improved health and well-being during the year.

  • A stronger bond emerges between mother and child
  • A stronger bond emerges between child and other significant adults
  • There is an improved relationship between family members
  • Mother experiences improved holistic wellness
  • Infant experiences improved physical development
  • Infant experiences improved emotional development

3. Mother and family members express positive life experiences during the year.

Measurement Processes

  • Evaluators will match mothers in the program to administratively-collected historical data of similar mothers outside the program
  • Results will be measured against historical data to ensure an ethical evaluation process

Theresa Stevens, CEO, Southern First Nations Network of Care

Theresa Stevens
CEO, Southern Network

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